A building intercom, often referred to as an apartment intercom or a door entry system, is a communication system commonly found in multi-unit residential buildings, such as apartment complexes, condominiums, and office buildings. The primary purpose of a building intercom is to facilitate communication between individuals at the building’s entrance visitors and the occupants residents or office personnel inside the building. Light & Logic offers building intercom systems in Bangladesh, featuring the world-renowned brand NEC for our intercom solutions, which are akin to PBX systems.

NEC PBX systems can be configured to make calls outside of the internal phone network. This is a fundamental function of PBX systems, allowing users to place calls to external numbers, such as landlines, mobile phones, or other businesses.

Building intercom systems provide security, convenience, and efficient communication for both residents and visitors. They are a vital component in enhancing building security and controlling access, especially in locations with restricted entry points.

The specific features and capabilities of building intercom systems can vary depending on the manufacturer and the level of sophistication required for a particular building. When selecting or installing a building intercom system, it’s essential to consider factors such as the number of units, the level of security required, the integration with other building systems, and the ease of use for both occupants and visitors.