PBX stands on Private Branch Exchange. There are three types of PBX system- Analogue , Digital & IP PBX System . It is the backbone for a company for  business communications . Because it helps to reach phone calls to right persons . Light and Logic offers  PBX  System  for small to large business in Bangladesh . We work together with customer perspective and our solutions are made to make IP PBX deployments easy and provide you with features that help your company grow.
We offer IP PBX and IP communications platforms in different brands and our sales engineers ensure your inline requirements. Whether you are only a small company or large enterprise, our company offers a complete slate of support services to assist make sure that our telephony solution exceeds your expectations.

An IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system is a telephone system that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to route calls within a business or organization. It allows for internal and external telephone calls to be made and received using IP-based networks, such as the internet, rather than traditional analog or digital telephone lines.  An IP PBX system can be connected to a company’s existing computer network, making it possible to use the same network for both data and voice communications. It also allows for integration with other communication tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and voicemail.

An IP PBX system offers many benefits over traditional PBX systems, such as:

1. Cost savings: IP PBX systems can be less expensive to install and maintain than traditional PBX systems.
2. Scalability: IP PBX systems are more scalable and can be easily expanded to accommodate a growing number of users.
3.Remote working: IP PBX systems make it easy for employees to work remotely and stay connected to the office.
4. Advanced features: IP PBX systems often come with advanced features such as call routing, voicemail, call recording, auto-attendant, and call center functionality


We are dealing with Top telephony product manufactures to provide you with complete Telephone system , for your business and call centre. We are able to advice , provide and install the perfect setup to your business telephony needs in Bangladesh.

We can provide customized solutions for client’s requirements. NEC, Avaya, and Panasonic have been brands trusted and used around the world for IP telecom solutions.


Our technical support is backed by expertise in providing commercial, enterprise-grade telephony support and Installation. Available support services include:

Support service 24x7x365 for that need around-the-clock coverage service packs that ensure your telephone system is always up to date Installation service that give you productivity

At Light and Logic we provide companies with Hybrid PBX / PABX Telecom Systems that is a combination of both IP and Analogue telecom systems working together in creating a solution that best fits for any organization that requires an efficient and economical telecom system for their business operation.

Please let us know your details requirments  , as per your requirments and budget we will send you proposal  for  IP PBX system for your business.