Home Automation System is a solution that allows you to control and automate various functions in a residential setting, such as lighting, curtain, cooling , heating, security, and appliances, through the use of a single network. At Light & Logic we are experts in KNX Home Automation System . It is based on the KNX standard, which is an international standard for home and building automation that was developed by the KNX Association. Light & Logic is font runner KNX Home Automation System integration company here in Bangladesh.

A KNX home automation system can be controlled through a central control unit, such as a touch screen or smartphone, and it allows you to easily manage and monitor different functions of your home. For example, you can set lighting scenes, control your heating and cooling, and monitor your energy consumption.

KNX Home Automation System in Bangladesh

You can also integrate other systems such as security, shading, and audio-visual systems, providing a unified and customizable control over the entire house. KNX home automation systems are generally considered to be more advanced and customizable than other home automation systems, as it allows the use of different vendors devices, and can be programmed to suit the specific needs of the user.  KNX home automation system is widely adopted in Europe, and gaining popularity in other regions, and it is supported by many manufacturers. It is a flexible, scalable, and secure solution, but it requires a professional installation and programming. At Light & Logic we are professional for project design , installation , programming , testing & commissioning complete home automation system.

Light & Logic provide KNX Home Automation System which will allow you to control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances.. When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things (“IoT”). For reliability and safety for  your home or buildings , Light and Logic is offering  KNX home automation system which is the most advanced and  reliable .









Esthetic Design & Durable Touch Display Panel for Soft Control . Leading edge, user-friendly technology for your home & Business that adds comfort, convenience and a touch of luxury . Technology custom-designed to complement and meet your requirement.

Lighting Control

• On/ Off Lighting 
• Creation of Scenes.
• Regulation of Light intensity.
• DALI Lighting Control

Advanced AC  Control

•Temperature Sensor.
• Fan Coil Controller
• Chill water Valve Control
• Climate Control

Multimedia System

• Control of Audiovisual Elements
• Integration with TV, YouTube®, Spotify®, and so on.

Access Control

 • Customizable. Allows to include icons, texts, and logos
.• Integrated with BMS

Shutters & Blinds Control

  • More energy efficiency 
  • Front-end control buttons
  • Quick, efficient and detailed device analysis

Surveillance System 

  • Security and comfort combined in a single device
  • Security for people and property