The KNX Lighting Control System is a specific application of the KNX standard that enables the control and automation of lighting in a building. It allows to control lighting levels, set scenes, time schedules, and monitor the energy consumption. Light & Logic is a system integration company in Bangladesh provides KNX Lighting Control System.It also allows integration with other systems such as HVAC, shading, and security, providing a unified and customizable control over the entire building. The KNX standard is widely used in commercial and residential building automation and is supported by many manufacturers.

Light & Logic is a system integration company in Bangladesh provides KNX Lighting Control System that are scalable to any level of homes, apartments, offices, high-rising building, mass and private developments. We have Certified Engineers for installation , programming , testing and commissioning complete KNX lighting control system in Bangladesh. We are ensuring that all requirements are met within budget-wise and time schedules, with optimized system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

  • An Integrated & Future Proof Solutions
  • Endless Flexibility And Impersonation
  • A Safe And Secure System
  • Time saving And Easy Installation
  • An International Quality
  • Aesthetic Design & Durability

The true potential of lighting to adapt and to transform a room can only be achieved by using a well-designed control system .KNX Lighting Control System is advanced Technology not only for efficiency but also for performance and aesthetics .KNX Lighting Control System  Allows you to keep control of energy usage in buildings and is a key contributing factor in protecting the environment. So this solutions can provide a comfortable working environment for building occupants, enhancing productivity, ensure compliance with current energy legislation and contribute significantly to reducing energy usage leading to a smaller carbon footprint.